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My 5 Top Tips For Fat Loss

1. Calorie Deficit – You need to be in a calorie deficit to achieve fat loss! Even if doing lots and lots of training and cardio, unless you are hitting that deficit, you’re not going to achieve your fat loss goals! How much of a deficit? Well this all depends on where you are starting out and fast you want to lose but the aim should always to be to maintain as much muscle as possible – a sensible suggestion would be around 20% below maintenance calories.

2. High Protein Diet – High protein diets promote muscle growth and muscle maintenance, protein also has the highest thermic effect of all the macros, meaning it takes a lot of energy to digest and utilise. Protein is also great for satiety, so you stay fuller for longer on a high protein diet. The amount of protein really depends on a lot of personal circumstances and frequency and intensity of training but I would suggest anywhere between 25 – 35% of total calorie intake.

3. Adjust Where Necessary – As our weight changes and our exercise levels vary so do our calorie needs. If you think you can run with the same calories forever and continually make progress, you can’t and you will plateau. Adjust your calories as you progress to ensure you continue getting the results you desire.

4. Balance Training –  Training more doesn’t always mean better results. People often use exercise as an excuse to eat more calories than needed. Focus on quality of training over quantity.

5. Consistency – Results don’t happen overnight. Adding body fat requires a consistent calorie surplus over time so there shouldn’t too much surprise to understand that losing it requires a long term consistent calorie deficit. It’s easy to counteract a day or even a week of your hard work and dedication with a blow out meal, day or weekend. That being said, you should allow for the odd blip but know how to draw a line and not let it set you back.

Work hard, stay consistent and you will achieve your goals!

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