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Here's what my client's are saying...


"Thanks so much for everything.

I joined on the online bespoke program with Adele.

My weight has slowly been creeping up since I had my first baby age 34 and I zero knowledge on health and nutrition.. as a youngster I kept my weight down by dancing on a weekend but I had no idea on the right foods to eat and how to lose weight properly, my metabolism was and still is a bit of a mess.. but we’re getting there.

The knowledge Adele gave me has proved invaluable and you just can’t put a price on what I now know in terms of nutrition. I will be forever grateful for that knowledge as it will serve me and my family forever.

I can’t say I’m a massive weights fan or class fan although I did try it never really stuck. Adele mentioned months ago that I need to find what I love and if I do I’ll be consistent.. she also mentioned couch to 5k and running to which I dismissed out of hand… until 4 weeks ago.. I said ok I’ll give it a go…‘I’m now a month in and can honestly say I love running (I still can’t believe I’m saying that) I’ve had small consistent losses each week which is spurring me on.. but I feel stronger in every way and so empowered, putting my music on and going for it is the best feeling.

The knowledge I have and the motivation I have is what I have always wanted.. I’m turning 40 in a few weeks and I’m excited to see what the next chapter holds for me.

Adele has been my friend for many years and we both agreed this would be purely professional and above board, no special treatment and that was exactly what happened but it’s brought is even closer as friends. I see how hard she works and cares for all her clients equally and she wants only the best for everyone she works with.

Forever grateful.. thanks Adele!"


"I have been working with Adele at Real PT for 6 weeks now and I have to say that it’s the best decision that I have ever made for my health and well-being.

6 weeks ago I was extremely unfit and lethargic to the point that if I sat on the floor for any length of time I struggled to get up.


Adele has devised a programme of exercises for me that have transformed my core strength I have so much more energy and I feel great about myself knowing that I am doing all that I can with her help to become the best that I can be.

I cannot recommend Adele highly enough."


"My journey started in June 2022 with Adele after I had been to my stepdaughters 30th Birthday Party and was horrified when I saw the pictures of myself.

I couldn’t believe I had let myself go and all the bad habits I had formed. I was struggling with my mental health and lacked motivation. I spoke to my friend and she said why don’t you check out Adele’s website and give her a call.

I have never done anything like this before although I used to be in the gym every day. I have to remember that I’m 51 now not 21!! I decided to join for 12 weeks and Adele made me a bespoke plan.

I have been so impressed with Adele’s programme, all the resources and the support she gives you. I’m not great at exercise now so we focused on my weight loss through changing habits that I had formed over the past few years. I go for a walk every day now which I love, cut down on alcohol,  I eat healthier, drink water and do light exercise. Believe me I wasn't doing any of those things before.

I have struggled with my mental health & life’s ups & downs but Adele has recognised that & has got me back on track when I could have given up. Adele doesn’t judge she understands that life isn’t always easy and has helped me look at ways that have worked for me.

At times when I have gone AWOL Adele has reached out & for that I am extremely grateful. I have loved her check in videos although at times I have cringed when she has gone through my food diary when I have been having a bad day.

Thank you so much Adele you have given me hope again x"


"I started my journey with Adele in July 2022, after eventually biting the bullet and deciding to commit time and effort to myself.


I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life, going from one diet or fad to another, and then back again! Every time feeling disappointed or disheartened at what I was achieving or not achieving, losing motivation and sending myself in a downward spiral.


Over the years I had developed some awful habits and I couldn’t believe I had let myself go so much. 


A friend had shared a post of Adele’s on social media, so I had a look and thought oh that’s out of my league, I’ll never commit to it, any excuse I could think of but I contacted Adele and after a lot of conversations and questions I decided to give it a go and and signed up to the 12 week bespoke plan.


Things started slowly with Adele easing me into the plan, looking at my habits and lifestyle really. As the weeks passed Adele developed my programme and gave me all of the resources and the support I needed. 


We focused on my weight loss through changing habits that I had formed over the years. I now go for a walk every day, 

which I love, im not a massive drinker but I am more aware of it, I eat healthier, drink water and now exercise. 


I have struggled with my mental health & life's ups & downs. I have always been quite down on myself, but with Adele’s check Ins and looking on what we have achieved, Adele has recognised that & has got me back on track when I could have given up. 


There are no judgement's and she understands that life isn't always easy and has helped me look at ways that have worked

for me.


I am extremely grateful for what Adele has taught me and I have loved her check ins, putting me right when I haven’t made the best of choices.

Thank you Adele! I hope you know how much of a difference you have made to me, and not just my health and fitness."


I have now been using Adele’s online App for 3 months and I find it easy to follow and informative, the exercises change regularly so you don’t get bored.
Reporting progress and recording activity is motivating and encourages the discipline I need to stick with it.
Having previously tried other fitness/weight loss programs, I can say this is the most effective for me.
Adele is encouraging and supportive and I cannot recommend her and the online programme enough.


I have enjoyed the new workouts – it is quite nice that they change so you get a bit of variety and I feel that the exercises were a bit more difficult. I did the day 3 one yesterday so am back on track for this week.
I have loved doing these workouts and using the app. Even when I’m not feeling like it, I make myself get my workout clothes on and do it and always feel loads better for it.
The feedback you give each week keeps me motivated and on track and because I record all my food in the food diary and it’s all there in black and white, it makes me think more carefully about my choices. I love that I can still have my treats and see results.
Your encouragement and motivation is a massive part of why this program is working for me so thank you!
Sara x


I am so happy with my results especially now I can fit in my jeans again definitely making me determined to keep the weight off now.

The Workouts were great to follow & a realistic time length to achieve no matter how busy you are,  I like how there is a video tutorial for each exercise to ensure they are done correctly.

I think the Simply 6 Week Home Workout Plan is a great start to becoming a healthier you, the workouts are effective and can be done when it suits you around any busy lifestyle, the app is an amazing tool, great for tracking results and food, and plenty of guidance and advice throughout. Brilliant way to kickstart your fitness.


I always enjoyed my face to face sessions with Adele prior to the first lockdown, so it has been great to be able to continue my workouts during lockdown using the app. This has also meant that I can do the workouts at home with no need for a baby sitter. It’s great to be feeling stronger again following the birth of my baby and being able to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes again is an added bonus.


I have loved my fitness journey with Adele and the results I am getting thanks to her expertise, support and encouragement. It hasn't always been easy and some days I have had to force myself to get into my exercise clothes and complete my workouts but I always feel better afterwards. Adele provides detailed feedback and sets achievable goals each week for me and the fact that I know she is checking my results and making me accountable makes me determined to carry on and prove to myself that I can do this. 

I feel fitter, healthier and stronger and feel better about myself and this is all down to the great training provided by Adele. 

Thanks Adele! X


 I loved having the app to remind me when I had a workout due and to push me on to hitting my step goal.

It was all structured really well and helped kick start my fitness goals.

I fit back into my shorts which just felt amazing.

The Simply 6 Week Home Workout Plan is the perfect way to kickstart your fitness journey whatever fitness level you are at. It has helped me find the joy in exercise again rather than seeing it as a chore.

Thanks for all your help. This has helped change my mindset on how I look at exercise and my diet. It’s taken me away from the silly high street diets that’s I’ve being yo-yoing on for such a long time and I really feel I’m going to continue this and reach my goals.

Would definitely recommend this plan to everyone.


"I have tried all sorts of different diets over the years and since having a toddler it has become even harder! I'm really not an exercise lover and felt a bit hopeless. Adele was recommended to me by a friend and wow she has exceeded my expectations!

Starting this journey was scary and overwhelming but Adele has been a great support to me available at any point should I need to reach out! She is truly motivating! Most importantly she really knows her stuff. This enables her to educate me to make life changing habits that will stay for life. Thank you Adele, I'm more grateful than you'll ever know!"


"I am really pleased with the results and Adele's app is perfect for me and how I work. It has helped me change the way I think about exercising.

Adele is really easy to work with and her support throughout has been amazing and helped me get where I am now!"



"This is my second attempt to change my lifestyle with Adele!  I did quite well the first time in face to face sessions but then lockdown came and I reverted to type and ate and drank my own body weight and put all the weight back on. I could have given up and decided it’s not for me, thinking I’m happy doing what I’m doing, but I wasn’t happy!  I used to look in the mirror disgusted at myself for putting it all back on so I decided I wanted to change for good.


I am 50 in 18 months and I know if I don’t do this now, it will get harder and harder and to be honest I probably won’t do it.  Adele has been fantastic and kept me motivated even when I wasn’t myself.  She did not judge when I put my weight back on, she completely supported me.  She even convinced me to give the online coaching to do at home a go.  I never thought I would have the motivation to do the exercises by myself without Adele in the room with me but I did. I absolutely love the flexibility it gives me and I sometimes even do them before I go to bed so I don’t skip them.  I even enjoy most of the exercises, not burpees though, never them!

If you had told me I’d have achieve these results this time last year I would have laughed my head off.  I’m very proud of myself, as I still have my social life which includes meals out and lots of alcohol, I just don’t let it ruin a full week and make sure I am strict the rest of the week.

I could not have done this without Adele’s help and support.  If you think you can’t do it, you can and you can rely on Adele to be there every step of the way"



"Thanks Adele. The 7 days have been amazing. Your information has extended my understanding and supported self motivation. The goal setting and stress assessment provided great opportunity for self reflection on what do I really value and how do I want to live my best life. The exercise tasks are proof that 20 mins out of your day is achievable and the action of ticking it off on the app, when done brings a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for your personal response on the Facebook posts, when you feel you are listened to you are more likely to cooperate and this was true for me over the 7 days, I was always eager to share the day’s achievements and experiences. Thank you for sharing your PT talents with the world ( as I am in New Zealand)."



8 weeks ago I was either working, home-schooling, cooking, shopping and leaving no time for myself and slowly getting bigger and more lethargic!  I knew I had to make changes.  I have tried various slimming clubs and joined a couple of gyms over the last 3 years…but I have never stuck at them.  Adele to the rescue!  With her help  I am establishing a better routine.  My diet has never been better with the help of her nutrition guides which are simple to understand.  The routines are easy to follow and the app keeps me on track.  When I have had bad weeks Adele has always said the right things to get me back on track with constructive feedback.  She is approachable, understanding but also tough because she knows how much I want to reach my goals.   The end result was that I cried when I compared my week 1 photos with week 8 – I didn’t think that I was capable of achieving significant results in a relatively short space of time. But this is only the start of my journey and I know with Adele’s help and a lot of hard work I have a good chance of reaching my goals.


I’ve just completed the 6 week home workout plan and am so pleased with my results! I needed to drop a few pounds after letting go slightly at the beginning of lockdown and this plan was the perfect place for me to start. The app was great and kept everything in one place, the exercises were easy to follow with full video demonstrations & the meal plan gave me some great ideas and got me off on the right track. I’ve lost 9lbs in the 6 weeks and have joined the 8 week plan to continue my journey. Whilst I found the support group helpful, I’ve decided to upgrade to weekly coaching from Adele so that I can have more accountability over the next 8 weeks – I’m feeling so motivated and can’t wait to see what the next 8 weeks brings.


Hi Adele
I am so glad I took the step to join your six week plan!
This on line plan has helped me;
-Gain a bit more confidence in myself
– I am losing weight
-I feel healthier
-I feel in control of choices and accountable for my own success
The app is easy to follow and provides a great routine.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part and the price of your six week plan was a great incentive.
I would recommend anybody to do the plan whatever size or age or condition because health and well-being is what it is all about. Being the best you can be!
Thanks again X


First thoughts to online PT were always going to be sceptical. I’m unfit and putting weight on, how can this motivate me and keep me it proved my scepticism wrong.
The app was easy to follow and easy to use. All the workouts and daily planning explained in a way that’s not overwhelming or scary to the non-gym goer.. to be able to log on at a time that suits me and be able to work out from the comfort of my own home is fabulous and just knowing that each day I’m tracking myself and checking my weekly targets set by Adele helps keep everything in line. Weekly goals, tasks and coaching as well as regular feedback gave me the right encouragement to keep going, even on a “bad day” and results speak for themselves, no fad diet, no quick fix, a great way to kickstart a life style or change guided by someone who knows what they’re doing.
Can’t wait to now continue and see what’s in store with my personalised program 💪🏼


Adele is absolutely amazing!! Knowledgeable, friendly and very inspiring! Her online app is also fantastic, would not train with anyone else, this lady knows her stuff and is the best motivating PT!


Firstly I’d like to say I can not recommend Adele enough, I’m a different person since she’s been my personal trainer – not only physically but mentally too! Before I began going to Adele I struggled to gain any muscle, I wasn’t very motivated and would always try keep my calorie intake low but Adele has made me realise you need to fuel your training properly to reveal the benefits!
I love the new me and never thought I could change my body by eating more! Adele has shown me what excercises to do to ensure I work the areas I’m keen to change, ensuring it’s done correctly and safely! Adele has made my sessions fun and interesting but also very challenging too! If I didn’t have Adele I would easily fall off the training plan but she’s always motivating and encouraging on weeks I feel like giving in – the variety of plans she provides also keeps me engaged!
I would highly recommend Adele to anyone wishing to change not only their body but their lifestyle too!! She’s amazing, friendly and very encouraging!


Best PT sessions ever. Adele will get you the body you’ve always wanted but trust me she will make you work for it and you will love it. Hard work but lots of fun and interesting exercises, you will never be bored. 5 star trainer.


I can not recommend Adele at Real Personal Training enough (and I’ve been doing it a lot). I started at her first ever circuit training class and knew from that one that I was hooked and booked in for some PT sessions too. I haven’t missed one circuit session (I even swapped a hair appointment to still make it!) and I look forward to them so much. My favourite ever exercise class and perfect for all abilities. I think I’ve done 5 and the difference from my first one is amazing. Adele really knows her stuff and shows everyone how to do each exercise properly which means you get the most out of it. In my 4 weeks of PT sessions (1 a week) I have lost 7.7lb of fat and 14.6cm. For anyone contemplating starting exersize or starting again id say contact Adele and you will not regret it, you will only wish you had done it sooner. I can’t thank Adele enough for starting me back on to fitness and more importantly, enjoying it and looking forward to it!


Absolutely fantastic class and trainer – first rate – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adele x


If you want a trainer, who listens to what you want to achieve, who will design a programme just for you, so it’s good for you, will help you reach your target and will challenge you. A trainer who will push you so you get better, fitter, stronger every session, then Adele is the one for you. She inspires trust and confidence in every session, she listens and asks for feedback every session and most importantly acts on it. I’m loving my course and have already decided to book another set with Adele as I know I can go further thanks to her support.


Adele is great. Just 4 weeks in and she’s helping me achieve my goals in a fantastic way. She is challenging and motivational, I always feel great after a session with her. We’ve a long way to go until I achieve what we’ve set out to but I believe she’s the right person to help me. I’m so pleased I made this step forward towards improving my health and fitness.


After having my first session with Adele yesterday as part of the ‘mummy programme’ I can’t wait to see the results over the next few weeks. The flexibility that Adele offers around my children and the fact that I can take my baby with me to work outs has been a god send! I can’t recommend Real Personal Training enough!


I had support from Adele to get back into fitness after ….a while. She set me up with a realistic full body work out with plenty of options to advance when I felt ready. After a few months of hard work I’m really starting to see results. I feel leaner and stronger and more confident trying new things in the gym now that I have good understanding of technique and posture.


Absolutely love it! Such a good work out! Would definitely recommend!


I started with Adele at 7 months postpartum following a loss of 4stone, in a hope to loose the last bit of baby weight and tone up. Having had gym memberships prior to my pregnancy, Adele’s studio setup really appealed to me as I always felt really intimidated in a big gym environment. I’m now just over 4 weeks into my programme and I’m already noticing results, especially around my obliques. Adele made me feel comfortable an capable from the get go, and the programme she has designed for me is challenging yet enjoyable – I can’t wait to see how I continue to progress!


She’s brilliant at what she does and makes you work hard, would definitely recommend her. Classes are fab you should come along and see for yourself.


Brilliant trainer, really cares about you. explains and shows everything until you understand. circuit training is hard work but it’s made good fun! thanks Adele


After gaining 4 stone during pregnancy and with a family holiday approaching I knew I needed to take action. I started with Adele 12 weeks post partum, once I had given my body time to recover. Adele created me a 30min home-workout routine that I could easily fit in and do at home. The workouts eased me back into exercise gently and I started to see results in my physical appearance and improvements in my strength and fitness. Adele was always on hand for advice and support whenever I needed it. This lady knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a passionate personal trainer. I wouldn’t of achieved my goal without her!

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My new weekly work out


I cannot recommend Adele enough. I rocked up after Christmas looking like a barrel thinking I can never do these exercises. Nearly 12 weeks in and I can do them, some easier than others!
I would not have been able to do this without Adele’s support and encouragement. She really wants me to do well and succeed in hitting my goals.
Adele is also a really lovely person and we chat away during my sessions which makes them go faster.
The Thursday circuit is also fabulous and changed every four weeks so it gives you time to see your improvements over the four weeks but also you don’t get chance to get bored of the routine.
Highly recommend

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