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Healthy Planning for Hectic Lifestyles

For some, the latest lockdown will result in just as much of a hectic lifestyle, if not more when trying to factor in potential home schooling along with full time working from home.

If you work long, erratic hours you need to prepare your food and plan your exercise sessions well in advance. Here is a checklist of tips to follow :

1) Prepare small regular snacks to have during your working day e.g. make your own low fat sandwiches, pasta meal, salad in a lunch box, muffins or current buns, fruit, rice cakes, raisins, pitta bread and cottage cheese are all good to eat.

2) Get up 1/2 an hour earlier in the morning - you could do your exercises then !

3) Take regular fluids throughout the day e.g. water, sugar free squash or other low calorie drinks.

4) Try not to snack on sweets, biscuits or chocolate.

5) Get enough rest and relaxation after a heavy day.

6) When preparing meals, make a larger quantity and keep it in the fridge or the freezer.

7) Keep healthy standby items in your food cupboards, then you have the ingredients to make super quick nutritional meals e.g. tinned tomatoes, tuna, sweetcorn, rice, pasta and lentils.

8) Try not to skip meals as this will lead to low blood sugar levels which will make you feel tired and irritable.

9) Try not to drink too much caffeine (coffee or tea) as this can affect your blood pressure and make you feel hyper

10) Try not to be tempted to get a “take away” late at night and then crash out!

If you have fallen out of routine with your exercise and food, try to ensure you prepare small nutritious snacks and graze throughout the day every 2-3 hours.

Never go more for more than 4 hours without food, and try to do a couple of 1/2 hour exercise sessions during the week and 1 hour at the weekend until you can get back to a steady, regular eating pattern and exercise regime.

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