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Sneak peak in the online training app...

Here I give you a tour of my online training app that I use to deliver all my training and nutrition content to my clients.

I offer a variety of online training programmes to suit different lifestyles & budgets and I guarantee that if you follow my plans consistently even just 80% of the time you will get results!

Here’s what you get with my online training packages:

. Mobile App for easy access to your Program

. Access to your own smooth and easy to use Private Members Area

. Quick, Easy, and Flexible Exercise Programs delivered straight to your app and members area.

. All Workouts come with Exercise Videos and Descriptions to ensure you know exactly how to get the most from your workouts.

. Track your progress through detailed assessments, flexible food diary, progress photo manager and simple to use tracking area all built directly into your app and members area.

. Receive Regular Coaching from your me in the form of videos, PDFs and more for Long Term Success

. Easy to follow nutrition and diet advice sent directly via your app and member’s area.

. Track your daily and weekly progress though simple and efficient check in’s via your app and members area

. Communicate directly with me via the In-App messaging centre.

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