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Understanding Your Goals & Improving Your Eating Habits

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

What exactly do you want to achieve with your weight loss goals? And what is the reason?

Understanding this and setting out initial goals will 100% help you to focus on making the right choices and implementing them for the long term.

So perhaps you want:

• Less body fat

• To look and feel better

• To have better eating habits, using everyday foods rather than following faffy impractical diets

• To take control of your weight

• Lifestyle change

But how do you achieve these goals?

Let me break it down into 4 areas that will help guide you and take control of your habits:

a) Watch what you eat

• Healthy choices include foods low in fat and sugar, and high in fibre.

• Try not to add extra fat

• Avoid buying tempting foods that you know are less healthy

b) Examine how you eat

• Try to eat slowly - enjoy your food, don’t rush it (you will feel fuller quicker)

• Present the food well, even if eating on your own. Well presented food looks more substantial

• Try to sit at a table every time you eat - this will help with digestion

c) Plan when you eat

• Plan your meal times... try to avoid long gaps between meals

• If you have snacks, have them at set times during the day

d) Think about why you eat

• Are you hungry, or do you just want to nibble?

• Can you wait until your next meal?

• Can you do something that will keep you mind off food e.g.. go for a walk, do a quick 15/20 min workout

• Recognise your problem times ( coming home from work, watching TV etc )

Just thinking about the above and applying these principles to everyday life will help you to make better choices in the long term.

If you really aren't sure where to start, then my Simply 6 Plan is the perfect starting point for changing your eating and training habits. All accessed by the Real PT app, this 6 week exercise and nutrition plan contains everything you need to get results and keep them. Don't worry about needing a gym or equipment, everything can be done at home to still give you the very best results!

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