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Hey, I'm Adele, a 40 year old qualified personal trainer and online fitness & lifestyle coach. I am also a wife and mother to 2 children.

My mission is simple: to help as many women whatever stage of life they are at to meet their health & fitness goals and to help them achieve the body they have always longed for.

The systems that I have developed for training and nutrition have enabled me to create the shape that I have desired in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable and I can help you to do the same too.

Whatever barriers you may face, I can provide you with a solution with my online coaching plans that guarantee results!

Whether your goal is to build muscle; get lean; be healthier or if you have more specific needs such as post-natal or medical conditions then I have a plan for you and you can rest assured you are in safe hands as I am fully qualified in both pre/post natal exercise and exercise for lower back pain & GP referral.

If you need help or you feel unsure of which plan is right for you, get in touch now! I would love to hear from you!

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8 weeks ago I was either working, home-schooling, cooking, shopping and leaving no time for myself and slowly getting bigger and more lethargic!  I knew I had to make changes.  I have tried various slimming clubs and joined a couple of gyms over the last 3 years…but I have never stuck at them.  Adele to the rescue!  With her help  I am establishing a better routine.  My diet has never been better with the help of her nutrition guides which are simple to understand.  The routines are easy to follow and the app keeps me on track.  When I have had bad weeks Adele has always said the right things to get me back on track with constructive feedback.  She is approachable, understanding but also tough because she knows how much I want to reach my goals.   The end result was that I cried when I compared my week 1 photos with week 8 – I didn’t think that I was capable of achieving significant results in a relatively short space of time. But this is only the start of my journey and I know with Adele’s help and a lot of hard work I have a good chance of reaching my goals.


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Whatever your goal, whether to lose weight; build muscle, shape up, become fitter or whether you have a specific medical condition that requires specialist exercise prescription then Real PT have a solution for you

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Real PT specialises in changing habits to create results that will last you a lifetime but whatever your requirements, detailed nutrition and and weight management planning will be provided to help you perform at your very best

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All online coaching is delivered via the exclusive Real PT app - think of it as a PT in your pocket! Full video demonstrations; results tracking; progress photo manager; food diary PLUS access to the Real PT Member's Area


I know and understand from experience what journey a woman goes through when having a baby, from pregnancy, giving birth and the ultimate but wonderful change in lifestyle that this brings.
I also understand the struggles of women holding down demanding full time jobs and struggling with finding the time to prioritise exercise and eating healthy when they constantly feel they are against the clock.
I can show you my methods that have helped many other women achieve their goals in a way that works for you and a time and place that suits you.
I will help you to change your habits and show you how you can be healthier, fitter and finally get the body you’ve always wanted.

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