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How To Cut Down On Sugar!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Sugar gives you ‘empty calories’ - that is calories with no other nutrients: no vitamins, no minerals, no fibre, no protein.

In Britain on average we buy almost a pound of packet sugar per person per week. And we eat twice as much as that when you count all the sugars added to processed foods such as sweets, soft drinks, biscuits and cakes.

There are 2 main problems with eating too much sugar. Firstly, sugar promotes tooth decay, especially when you have sugary snacks and drinks frequently throughout the day.

Secondly, sugar promotes obesity. Adding sugar to foods makes it easier for us to eat too much - partly because our taste buds have been trained to crave for sugary foods and sweet foods are usually low in fibre so they don’t fill you up very much.

Cutting back on sugar is the easiest way to cut calories without losing any nutrients. Watch out for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose and maltose on the ingredients list of packaged food. They are all forms of sugar. You’ll find them in savoury foods like soups and sauces, and cheesy biscuits. Honey, syrup, raw sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar and muscovado are other names you might see. These can cause tooth decay and help make you overweight just as easily as plain white sugar.

How To Cut Down On Sugar:

• Try drinking your tea or coffee without sugar. You might find it easier to cut down a little at a time

• Choose low calorie soft drinks or un-sweetened fruit juices

• If you buy tinned fruit, buy it in natural juice rather than in syrup

• Try halving the sugar in your recipes (except jam and meringues)

• Avoid breakfast cereals with added sugar

• For snacks try fresh fruit, crispy vegetables, natural yoghurt, roast chick peas or unsalted nuts

• Avoid cakes and biscuits - they contain lots of sugar

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